Freedom from exchanges. Trade your assets directly on the Stellar platform. Move value quickly and at next to no cost.

Ecliptic is a free Stellar web wallet and trading client. Stellar platform fees apply (USD $0.01 handles ~600,000 transactions).

Store assets

Store your assets ledger with access to the powerful multicurrency support of the Stellar platform.

  • Store lumens, multiple currencies and other assets
  • Send payments and fund new accounts
  • Connect to your favourite Stellar anchors
  • Add contacts to simplify account ID management
  • Send and receive at next to no cost (only Stellar platform fees apply)
Wallet screenshot.

Distributed trade

Trade your assets on Stellar's distributed markets and escape traditional exchange trading fees.

  • Trade with lumens and any other assets on Stellar
  • Virtually no trading fees (only Stellar platform fees apply)
  • All trades placed directly on the ledger for full transparency
  • Trade with all other Stellar users, even if they are using different trade clients
  • Visualise the market with clear charting
Trade screenshot.